Spectrum Lines

These spectrum lines represent the feedback which was given on the last day, with comments explaining some of the positions

" I feel we needed more time to delve deeper into stuff, we scratched the surfaces of a lot of things which is great, and sometimes I wished we had the time to get into a more critical discussion to explore ourselves, and the content and the ideas we reached."

"I'm swaying this way because I wonder what it would have been like to be doing stuff all the time, what would that imply, to just be totally immersed in these questions? We'd probably be a lot more exhausted and grumpy. It's just it's such a unique time to be here all together, like this."

"I wonder if there could have been more difference in views, for example from a mix of scientists"

"Would have been good to have people from different professions, for example scientist. Also we are all white."

"This was an artist-led lab. In the back of my head I'm aware that other labs have been scientific-focused or led, and the artists responding. So I've placed myself in the middle because I think it's important to see in what ways artists can lead the way, and not in response always."

"language was an issue - needing to be expressed in English all the time, which for a lot of people isn't their first language - good to acknowledge this as a limitation"

"I'm in the middle because I felt the lab gave me enough leeway to lead myself when I needed to do that"

"There was always space for yourself and didn't feel judged not doing things in the exact way"

"On one hand we are a big group and you can see day by day people would arrive later and later and start to take more time to begin sessions, but I think there was a balance. Leading but delicate."

"Comparing the workshops we had, my experience with movement and choreography - I'm really into that, I really took everything, what I heard, what I experienced and what I did, but in the moment couldn't connect it with my practice, at that moment"

" I have voiced some opinions that were maybe not shared by everyone, or might be a false note to the tune we were singing, and yet I was surprised that everyone joined in and accepted that and tried to work with that, so that was good. At no point did I think,"I'm thinking this but can't say it"."

"There could have been half an hour everyday for individual's time, to react on the sessions as they go"

"Personally, I got to hang out in this space, and to honour my intentions and the intensions of the group I'm stood here, but I agree, I can't say how it will affect my practice, but it was an immersive experience with climate change at the heart of it, and I asked questions of myself and others, so I know it has deepened it. "

"It definitely triggered new things, which you can't quite tell how they've affected you, but I do think my understanding will change in quite a significant way."

"I just think the place, this beautiful place and everyone speaking from a place of love - that relates to my practice around climate change, listening and connecting from a place of love. Bringing something that feels distant, megalithic and out there, into your world and work"

"It can within certain values, like ones that are present here, but not sure with climate change." "I'm not claiming that it has a big effect, but I believe it does have an effect. It has a role. I think 'challenging climate change' is a strange phrase. "

"It's not so smart to put values within the words - because things like killing off a population might have a beneficial effect. "

"Having checked my emails this morning I get an email saying I've taken so many air miles now I get two free flights, and that is just within this year. So my job as an artist is to pose questions and such like, but actually how I live I think I'm actively contributing to climate change. The work I do to make it sustainably economical means I have to fly. It's not a sustainable way of living the way I live, to be the artist I am at the moment - so I honestly can't say my work is part of a broader movement. I'd have to get myself away from the art world and make things locally. "

"My intention is to challenge the causes of climate change, but I'm just a bit shy to sit there. But there is an intention. And yes it is important to change the individual's lifestyle but this in not the challenge of climate change."